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開課系所:  應用英語研究所

課程名稱(中文):  故事教學 (Teaching English through Storytelling ) 

授課教師 :  王佩蘭 助理教授


Students will learn and demonstrate the ability to

  1. to practice their English teaching skills to build up their confidence in teaching
  2. to improve English storytelling teaching skills through supervision of their teacher and other classmates.
  3. To acquire English teaching effectiveness through the implementation and verification of teaching theories into practice.


  1. The definition of storytelling.
  2. The Value of Telling Stories.
  3. Personal Narratives.
  4. Choosing Stories for tell.
  5. How to Prepare a Story.
  6. Finding Your Own Voice.
  7. Bring a Story to Life.
  8. Exploring Storytelling Through Activities
  9. Teaching Activities for any Time
  10. How to integrate language four skills learning and differentiation strategies in teaching process.
  11. The relationships between teaching materials and teaching activities
  12. Assessments in English teaching process
  13. Teaching Demonstration, giving feedbacks and reflections.

三、教學方法(Teaching Methods)

Reading and discussion, creating a language project and teaching  plan, having teaching demonstration


  1. Kathleen M. Hollenbeck (1999. Teaching With Favorite Leo Lionni Books: Creative Activities for Exploring Friendship, Self-Esteem, Cooperation, and Other Themes in Tese Beloved Books. The USA
  2. Collins, R. & Cooper, P. (2005).  The Power of Story: Teaching Through Storytelling. Waveland Press Inc..
  3. Story on Line 


  1. 12月4日: 進入課程網站  

CH1 The definition of storytelling. CH2 The Value of Telling Stories. CH3Personal Narratives. CH8 Exploring Storytelling Through Activities(1).

  1. 12月11日:進入課程網站  

Reading Power - the teaching Process and activies.(Pre- Reading Strategies, During Reading Strategies) 

  1. 12月18日:進入課程網站  

Reading Power - the teaching Process and activies.(During Reading Strategies ) 

  1. 12月25日:進入課程網站

Teaching Demonstration, giving feedbacks and reflections.

  1. 1月7日:Teaching Demonstration, giving feedbacks and reflections.

六、評量方式(Grading / Evaluation)

  1. Work sheet
  2. Teaching demonstration
  3. Learning journal and reflective writing