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Ch1 Storytelling is

  • We all are storytellers, teachers and students.

Look! What a storyteller!

  • The power of story: Students should be encouraged to use stories to "make sense" to enhance their learning. The students share their concerns, desires, fears, accomplishments, and dreams through their stories, they become members of what Bruner calls a "culture creating community. Storytelling can be used across the curriculum and is a powerful teaching tool for several reasons"
  • Storytelling allows the teacher to provide instruction indirectly.

Let's Listen to a story to see what instruction will be provided indirectly. 

Discussion Time: 

  • Storytelling prompts questions and conversations

What kinds of questions and conversations will you provide to the kids after the story?  Let's see    Let's listen to the story.(Guji, Guji)  Task: Go to The Discussion Board to finish the Task

  • Literature Circle Role Cards   Let's listen a story (Me and My Cat ) (The Kiss That Missed) (Kissing Hand)and discuss the story with the literature circle
  • Teaching Process: elements: vocabularies, listening skill, reading comprehension, meaning, conversation, activities(4 skills).

Task: Go to The Discussion Board to finish the Task

  • Learning becomes fun when stories are used.

Story on line.

Ch2 The Value of Telling Stories

  • Enhances imagination and visualization

  • Develops appreciation of the beauty and rhythm of language

  • Increases vocabularies

  • Refines speaking skills

  • Improves listening skills

  • Allows students to interact with adults on a personal level

  • Enhances writing skills

  • Develops reading skills and sparks an interest in reading

  • Enhances critical and creative thinking skills

  • Nourishes students' intuitive side

  • Helps students see literature as a mirror of human experience

  • Helps students understand their own and others' cultural heritage. 

Discussion Time: ​   How to increase the value of story telling? Let's listen and think! Harry the Dirty Dog  

Task: Go to The Discussion Board to finish the Task

Ch3 Discovering Personal Narraives

  • The story of your name
  • When you were young
  • Your family "roots"
  • Your special place
  • A family story in the making

Task: Go to The Discussion Board to finish the Task(reflection)

Homework: Read Ch1~3 

Next Time: Bring Three Story books for your school.(5th and 6th graders)

參考資料 Collins, R. & Cooper, P. (2005).  The Power of Story: Teaching Through Storytelling.