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一、 習慣使用雙語的老師,增加孩子聽說的機會
*          上學囉!早上打招呼!
Good morning, Miss _____.
Good morning,________.
*          課堂上有哪些班級經營用語可用英語呢?
Hey, boys and girls come inside! It’s time for class.
Take out your textbook.
Go back to your seat. Come and sit at the front.
Sit down and let’s get started.
Is everybody here? Yes . No, Mary is not here.
Ready? Let’s begin(start)
Open your textbooks.
Give me your homework.
Show me your homework.
Hand in your homework.
Pass up your homework.
Pass your homework up to the front.
(學生:I’m sorry. I forgot to bring my homework. )
Here is your homework.
This is your homework for today(This is your homework for next time)
*          下課了!
Let’s take a break!
Let’s stop here and you have a five minute break.
It’s time to go home.
That’s all for today.
*          吃飯囉!
Line up ! Don’t push!
Don’t talk with your mouth full.
Do you want some more? Here you are.
Finish your vegetables.
Clean up your table.
Don’t waste your food.
Wipe your mouth.
*          午休
It’s nap time.
Put your head down.
Take a nap everyone.
Close your eyes ,please.
Sleep well ! Have a nice dream!
*          考試的時候!
Five more minutes. Everyone check your answers.
Remember to write your name at the top of the sheet.
I’m afraid it’s about time to stop.
Ok. Time is up. Stop writing now.
*          班級管理
Be quiet , please.
Go out, quietly.
The last time , OK.
Don’t do that again.
I hope you do it better next time.
Listen carefully.
Look at me, please.
Now, pay attention, everybody.
May I have your attention ,please.
Be nice.
Be polite.
Behave yourself.
Sit up!   Stand still.