• Dong Guang Elementary School
Viewpad: Designer and teacher: Ryk

Grade 5
2 Months
Learning Skills
Reading, Comprehension, Listening, Speaking and Writing
Grade 5 - Animals

Overhead projector.
Books (Library)
View pad
Expectation(s) and Learning Skills
Learn to browse the internet. Find facts and the meaning of new words. Take photos and make videos using their Viewsonic tablets. The students will learn new words. Make conclusions by combining clues. Comprehend what they are reading and be able to retell the story. Listen and do the actions. Pronounce words correctly. Rewrite the facts they find.
Engage the student by introducing the topic.
See how they use the tablet to browse the internet. Teach them the key words they will need. Can they scan QR codes? Can they make their own QR codes?
Teaching/Learning Strategies
1.      They must combine the new vocabulary and sentence patterns.
2.      Be able to browse the internet.
3.      Scan and make their own QR codes.
4.      Use English to find the appropriate web pages.
5.      Do a presentation and retell all the facts they have found on the internet.
6.      Record or make a video. 
Introduction of the Activity, Routines and Procedures
Explain the different stages of the worksheet. We tried to incorporate a lot of differentiation into the worksheet. They must search and find specific web pages for the appropriate information about animals. They will use and scan QR codes. They must also make their own QR codes.
After the introductory worksheet they will be divided into groups and each group must make a Microsoft Word presentation about their animal. Extra information must be found if possible. Where can these animals be seen etc.
They must prepare for a presentation about their animal and make a video about the demonstration.
Lesson Conclusion
Their presentations must be without any mistakes.
They will video each other when they do their presentations.
Their assignment will be checked.
Check if the students understand all the information and the new vocabulary.
Can they retell the facts?
Can they pronounce all the words?
Can they browse the internet?