English Project 6th Grade

My Classmate
Teaching processes:
1.         Write adjectives describing people on the blackboard.
2.          Students give more words describing people.
3.          Sequencing the words – I explain what should come first.
i.            Example: He is John. He is tall.
4.          Then we made sentences – Orally
i.            Each student drew a number. She/he had to introduce the student whose number it was.
5.          After, the students wrote sentences on the board and made sure that everybody understood the sentences.
6.         Wrote example sentences on the board, or just a few key words.
i.            Example:
a.          ______ old
b.          ______ lives ______
c.           ______ favorite food ______
d.          ______ shy ______
7.          Students had to write their sentences using the words, or they could write what they wanted on a worksheet.
8.          When they were finished, checked all the worksheets. Reviewed all the sentences. (Orally)
9.          Took pictures of all the students.
10.      Students created a word document for the student they are introducing. Students inserted the student picture into the document as well.
11.     Students reviewed their sentences on introduction.
12.      Then students had to do a presentation introducing the student.