Read , Write and Say (for fifth and sixth graders)

Teacher : Ryk

Teaching processes: 

1.          Give them reading material
2.          They choose their favorite animal
3.          Rewrite or copy sentences from the reading material (information sheets) on a worksheet (some students write their own sentences).
4.          After and when they are copying, they look up meaning of all the new vocabularies they don’t know.
5.          The Chinese meaning is also written on the worksheets.
6.          A picture is dawn or printed
7.          Students with same animals are in a group.
8.          Group leaders help everyone to read or help students to pronounce the difficult words.
9.          Self-reading and practice in classroom for the presentation.
10.      Each student must do a presentation of their animal.


Read aloud:101.03.29 連結上課照片

  videos of the students' presentation



陳廷軒 儲偉峰 張力元 王敬翰 朱儀筠 陳佳楡 吳家慶 徐國祥
吳亞璇 許如伶 林筱倢 黃均妤 黃俊達 江虹霖 張雯婷 楊智翰 游安晴 林育鍹
吳浩宇 胡昱甄 林聿軒 陳英愷 簡渝玲  梁言  許景翔 蔡沄妤  劉圄安 楊詠心 
黃馨慧 陳子威 許忠威 許廷豪 許允維 張辜珙瑜 胡廷聖 林騏騰 林霆風 林佳錚
沈欣儀 李元凱 李珮琪 吳承恩 江逸帆 江虹穗 江虹霖 王泓力    



 Read, Write and Oral Project : My favorite ......

Read aloud:101.03.23 連結上課照片

 videos of the students' presentation

闕國棟 王宣涵 朱書妤 朱儀瑄 江雅瑄 林文昌 林軒宇 林歆妤 邱崇恩 姜德瑜
洪翊涵 梁心 許允豪 郭芸晏 郭庭妤 章維帆 楊婷雅 潘韻帆 鄭伊庭 黎恩榮
蕭瑤 賴巧敏 秦德軒  李佳怡 李資文   張凱鈞  張皓哲 郭芷辰  郭弘毅   劉哲劭

Read, Write and Oral Project : My favorite ..........