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2017-05-05 11:20:12


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教學策略: Identifying
2017-05-05 11:44:24



學生抽完圖卡後不能讓其他同學看到,接著由底下的學生發問只能回答yes或no的問題,例如:Is it big? Do I have it? Can I use it in winter/summer? 等(教師可協助發問問題),讓台上的同學回答yes or no,提供這些線索之後,知道答案的人可以舉手猜他抽到的是什麼字卡。

猜對之後,老師(或點學生)拿著該張字卡問全班Whose workbook is this?全班回答It’s學生名’s workbook /glasses/cap/gloves/backpack.

王佩蘭 王佩蘭

2017-05-05 11:51:04

Teacher prepares some pictures of different things in a bag, for example: workbook, glasses, cap, backpack, glove and so on. Then, teacher chooses student A at random and says to student A: Take one thing from this bag, and ask to other classmates  “ Whose ______ is this? ”

Teacher prepares some cards of name in the other bag, for example: Owen, Dino, Irene, Danny, Niki, and so on. Then, teacher chooses student B at random and says to student B: Take one card from this bag, and response to student A “ It’s ______ _______? ”

If student B’s answer is right ,student A may talk to student B “You’re right.”

If student B’s answer is wrong ,student A may talk to student B “You aren’t right.” 

戴郁文 Oprheus 戴郁文 Oprheus

Identifying exercise
2017-05-05 14:07:40

Vocabulary : workbook , cap , backpack , glasses , gloves

The name of the owner : Owen , Irene , Niki , Dino , Danny

The script :

Hello, everyone. There are some things left on the table, but I don’t know they belong to whom. I’ll give you a minute, you can guess the owner in the second field. (After 1 minute)

Now please help me to find the owner of their owner. Here are the descriptions:


Number 1 : The owner of the workbook is a girl. She has long hair with a cute braid.

Number2 : The owner of the cap is an animal. He is always happy and likes to sing songs.

Number3: The owner of the backpack is a boy. He is a little fat and has a big month.

Number4: The owner of the glasses is a boy. He supposed to wear glasses in usual! He has an obvious cowlick.

Number5: The owner of the gloves is a girl. She also has long hair and has a pony.

郭佳茵 郭佳茵

Indentify exercises
2017-05-05 14:09:44


老師:It’s very cold, my hands are frozen. What do I need?

學生:You need gloves.



Owen: cap

 Dino: gloves

 Irene: glasses

Danny: workbook

  Niki: backpack

老師:Today is sunny. She’s so hot. She doesn’t see anything. What does she need?

學生:She needs glasses.

老師:Whose glasses is this?

學生:It’s Irene’s glasses.

老師:You’re right.

林美瑩 林美瑩

2017-05-05 14:12:01

Joy                             106.4.28



先請第一組小朋友發問”Whose workbook is this?”

第二組小朋友回答”It’s Niki’s workbook.”

第一組小朋友回答”You’re right/wrong.”


陳思蘋 陳思蘋

2017-05-05 14:14:07

老師 派5位小朋友 Owen Dino Irene Danny Nike  老師發字卡給這5位,  全班在分一半    一半先問 Whose  workbook is this?  一半回It’s Dino’s  workbook.

5位同學回  your’re  wrong  (right)

高依琳  高依琳

Putting things in order
2017-05-05 14:15:57

1.workbook , cap , backpack , glasses , gloves ,編號碼1-5

2.Owen , Dino , Irene , Danny , Niki 也編號碼1-5


老師唸Number1, Whose glasses is this?

It’s Danny’s glasses.

學生就要在課本上把glasses 和 Danny 前面寫上數字1

老師唸Number2, Whose cap is this?

               It’s Niki’s cap.


蔡孟君 蔡孟君

2017-05-05 14:21:39

Moving about Activity

全班分三組輪流,第一組唸問句:Whose workbook is this?

                It’s Dino’s workbook.

                you’r right / you are wrong.


周佳樺 周佳樺

2017-05-05 14:22:52

{Putting things in order} 

 workbook, cap, backpack, glasses, gloves,編號碼1-5

 Owen, Dino, Irene, Denny, Niki 也編號碼1-5


Number 1:  Whose workbook is this?

        It’s  Dino’s  workbook.


Number 2:  Whose gap is this?

        It’s  Niki’s  gap.


Number 3:  Whose  glasses  is this?

        It’s  Danny’s  gap.


宋馥妘 宋馥妘

2017-05-05 14:26:07

Putting things in order

Warm up- Read the sentences aloud. - Whose workbook is this?”, “ It’s Dino’s workbook.”, “You’re right.”

Activity time-Tell the rule of activity

Please listen a story and write down the numbers. If the thing is the first one, please write down number 1, then the next is number 2. And so on.

(   ) 書的圖   (   ) 眼鏡的圖   (   ) 帽子的圖  (   ) 手套的圖  (   ) 書包的圖 


There are many of things in my car. It’s Owen’s workbook on the chair. And near it , it’s Niki’s cap. They are Irene’s gloves. And it’s Dino’s backpack. Oh, they’re Danny’s glasses. They all forgot them

Feedback- Teacher says the numbers, students read their answers out , and correct them.

黃裕琇Joyce 黃裕琇Joyce

4/28 Identifying exercises
2017-05-06 08:47:55

Review the sentence : Whose       is this?  It’s      ‘s        .

Read the sentence aloud.

5~6遍 Ex: Whose glove is this? It’s Danny’s glove.


Dino is playing snowball fight and he feels cold. What does he need?

Owen is on the beach and he wants to take a sunbath. What does he need?

Irene goes to English class and she needs to jot down notes. What does she need?

Niki goes mountain hiking and he has many thing to bring. What does he need?

Danny goes for an outing and he need to prevent him getting a sunborn. What does he need?