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王佩蘭 王佩蘭

Pre-Reading teaching design
2016-12-11 09:45:56

Writing the teaching plan as below:

Pre- Reading:

1、Introduce the structure of the book:

2、Picture Walk



周佳樺 周佳樺

Pre-Reading teaching process
2016-12-11 15:58:19

How many pigs in the book?

Did you see pigs before?

What do pigs to do?

What does the first pig have to bulid a house?

What does the second pig have to bulid a house?

What does the three pig have to bulid a house?

What does wolf want to do?

What is the ending of the story?

Esther 宋馥妘 Esther 宋馥妘

Esther 宋馥妘
2016-12-11 16:24:56

Esther 宋馥妘 Pre- Reading問題設計/教學流程

Step1. (Connection)

Ask question: Before the story starts, I want everyone tell about your father.

Is he kind or serious? (Order students to answer the question. Maybe their Dad is smart, brave, gentle, rude…, etc.  )

Step2. (Prediction)

Now, there’s a father. Read the title: My Dad

How do you think about him? (He is interesting, happy, energetic…, etc.)

Now all of us have some idea about this man, let’s take a look at the back page.


What does the Dad do? (Jump)

And what is it in the center? ( Moon)

Wow, he jumps over the moon.

Can somebody tell me what else this dad might do? (Order students to answer the question.)

So we will read this book, and we will know what the super dad can do.

高依琳 高依琳

2016-12-11 16:26:23

Pre reading teaching process 高依琳

書名:There was an old lady who swallowed a fly

Introduce the structure of the book:

There is an old lady eats a fly, and then eats a spider to catch the fly.

She eats a bird, a cat, a cow, a dog, and a horse. After eating a horse, she died.

Repeat the pattern: There was an lady who swallowed a ____________.


2.    Picture Walk :

     Show the cover to student.

Asking questions:

1. What do you see in the picture?

2. What's in her mouth?

3. Why is the fly in her mouth?  Because_____________

4. Do you want to eat a fly when you are hungry ?



   a.Cover the half of the picture and ask

Q:What’s the thing she eats?

b.Only show the half of the book and ask

      Q: will she die?

戴郁文 戴郁文

2016-12-11 16:27:59

The ugly duckling Pre-reading  戴郁文

  (1)Introduce the structure of the book

Hello, everyone! Today I’m going to tell a story, “The Ugly Duckling.”

The story is retold by Harriet Ziefert. Illustrated by Emily Bolam.

Let’s take a look on the title again. ”The Ugly Duckling.”

(2)Picture Walk

Look at the cover page,

Do you know what is the meaning of ugly? (Students: not beautiful)

You are right!

Then what is beautiful?

Just like you(Point everyone)

Ugly is the opposite of beautiful.(Acting an ugly face casually.)

Please tell me what is duckling? (Students: An animal, they are yellow! )

What is the sound of duckling? (Students: Gua gua gua! )

Great job!

Let’s start to introduce the story.

Now you see a lot of ducklings.

Look carefully at their faces.

Do they look happy? sad? or angry? (Students: They look happy!)

Why they are happy? (Students: Because they have many brothers and sisters.)

Well done!


(Open a half of next page. Then cover all the faces of ducklings. )

Now, guess how do they look? (Students: still happy, becoming sad……blablabla)

You can guess, is the ugly duckling really duckling?

And what is going to happen to him?

We are going to tell the story next time, thank you very much!

黃裕琇Joyc 黃裕琇Joyc

2016-12-11 16:28:43


The book’s title : From head to toe

Author : Eric Carle

Pre-reading :

1.      Introduce the structure of the book:

book’s title-From head to toe, let students repeat after me, and ask question:

Does everybody know “head”?

Where is ” head” on our body? Please show me!

And turn your head~

Does everybody know “toe”?

Where is “toe” on our body? Please show me!

And move your toe~

book’s Author-Eric Carle

2.      Picture Walk

Cover page:

(1)   What do you see?  A gorilla!

(2)   What does the gorilla doing?   Its hand put on head and put on toe!

(3)   Please do the same action with the gorilla!

(4)   Why is the gorilla doing this, let’s start to read this book!

3.      Prediction


After head is _______?(提示:Where do you wear necklace?)   neck

After neck is _______?(提示:raise my shoulders)  shoulders

And after arm is ________?(提示: wave my arms)  arm

Eva (陳姿倚) Eva (陳姿倚)

Eva (陳姿倚)
2016-12-11 16:29:28

Eva (陳姿倚)

Title of the bookBrown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?


Introduce the structure of the book

Introduce the story name、the author、the illustrator and repeat.

The story name is “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?”

The author is Bill Martin Jr who wrote this book.

The illustrator is Eric Carle who draw the pictures. 

Picture walk

Use questions to introduce the cover page.

Cover page à a) Who can tell me what is this animal? (point to the bear)

ANSWER:This is a bear.

b) What color is it? Who can show me the brown things?

ANSWER:It’s brown.

c) Do you see any bears in your life? Where? Why?

  ANSWER:Yes, it’s in the zoo. School trip.


This book’s name is “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” ,so what does the bear see?

Let us to read the story together.

蔡孟君 蔡孟君

2016-12-11 16:36:11


▲Introduce the structure of the book

book name

Please repeat after me ”brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?”

cover page

back page




Guess, what does brown bear see? and why?

林美瑩 林美瑩

2016-12-11 16:45:48




1.      Introduce the structure of the book:

The book title is“Little Beauty”

The auther is Anthony Browne

2、Picture Walk

First ,looking at the cover of the book ! The second is predicting …….


Q1:  On the cover page of the book ,you can see two animals ,what kind of ?   Who can tell us?

A:   A big gorilla and a small cat .

Q2:  How do their look?

A:   They  smile .

Q3:  So,can you guess their relationship?Why?

A:   I guess they are frineds.Because the cat sits on the gorilla’s head.

Q4:  The book title is “LITTLE BEAUTY”.Beauty is a name.

Can you tell us who is Beauty?

 A:   The cat.

郭佳茵 郭佳茵

2016-12-11 16:59:08


0-1.Hello, good morning everyone.(語氣拉長)

(Look around classmates,Wait to students answer.)

1Introduce the structure of the book:

Today, I’ll show you this book. When you see the book’s cover and back cover, what does you find? (語氣放慢)

(Show the book’s cover to students to 10 second, then show back of the book.)

2Picture Walk

What family do you have?

(Students: dad, mom, brother, sister)

In the past, what did you do anything with your family?

Now, Who do you see on the book?

(I point the animal on the book.)


So, What kind of this story?

(Students: About family)

鄭秀慧 鄭秀慧

2016-12-11 17:26:44

學生:鄭秀慧                                               11/12/2016



The Processes of teaching reading:


strategy策略: structure of the book(介紹書的結構、作者、繪圖者

與基本狀態)、Picture Walk(background knowledge

問相關的問題, 、vocabulary words,only difficult and

new words, sight words不用解釋,guessing,猜一猜圖

片的意)、prediction(think of your own life,make

prediction has to make sense,要特別注意不是想像,


          *注意事項:(1)過程中,要追問why?讓問題延伸,深入讀本重點或引起動機。(2)注意時檢掌控,不宜過長。(3)可以將要問的問題先全部寫下。(4)可加入TPRTotal Physical Response


 Pre- Reading:

Introduce the structure of the book:

The title is「Is Your Mama a Llama?」(Repeat )

The author is Deborrah Guarino ,and the pictures by Steven Kellogg.

Picture Walk

What animals can you see in the front cover?

Deer! why? why do you think it is a deer? the ear )

sheep! why? why do you think it is an deer? the curl hair、this【point out】)

Very dood! There are still many animals in this book. For example, when you listen this sound 「Moo!」,What kind of animal is it?(Cow!Good job! )So what is the animal finally? We will find it out when we read all book next time. )


Can you talk about your Mama?

Anything is ok! Long or short hair? Always say 「yes」or 「no」to you?

曾美娟 曾美娟

2016-12-18 16:44:04


What’s the Time,Mr. Wolf?


(1)Introduce the structure of the book

Hello, everyone!The title of the book is What’s the Time,Mr. Wolf? Please repeat it.

The writer is Tony Mitton.The illustrator is Harry Horse.

 (2)Picture Walk

Look at the cover page,

Do you know what the animal is? (Students: A wolf.)

Teacher:Good!What does he bring with him? (Students: A clock and a basket. )

Teacher:Good!What do you say it wakes you up? (Students: A alarm. )

Teacher:Are you woke up by  alarm or your mother?

(Students: By  alarm. By my mother.)

Teacher:Mr. Wolf was woke up by the alarm at seven.

         It’s early in the morning,so he yawned.Can you do the yawn?



Teacher:Can you guess what did he do with the basket,Sally?

         (Sally:Buying some food.)

Teacher:Why ? (Sally:My mom buys food with it.)

Teacher:Very good! Now let’s read the book and you’ll know that .